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The magazine "spectra" has been reporting on the projects, programmes and strategies of the Federal Office of Public Health and its partners in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention since 1995. Going beyond the contents of the printed version, “spectra online” will shed light on background developments and report on current affairs. 

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The printed version is published four times a year in German, French and English. The topic of the current issue (spectra 125): Engaging with patients.



“Nothing about us without us”

A Patient and Family Advisory Board has been set up to support further implementation of the “Promoting self-management in non-communicable diseases, addiction and mental illness” project. This step reflects the project’s philosophy of “Nothing about us without us”. more


Engaging with patients at all levels

Patient engagement is an important challenge, and one that the FOPH is keen to support. There are various ways of engaging with patients and their relatives, ranging from the micro level, where professionals and patients hold one-to-one discussions, through to the macro level, where patients and their families may be asked to provide input for new draft legislation, for example. more


“Our experience is very positive”

Five questions for Denise Schwegler from the female genital cutting prevention unit at Caritas Switzerland. The unit assists and supports “multipliers” – key individuals in the communities from countries where cutting is practised. The unit partners with the multipliers to organise awareness events and counselling. By doing so they help protect at-risk girls and women. more

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Engaging with patients

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