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The magazine "spectra" has been reporting on the projects, programmes and strategies of the Federal Office of Public Health and its partners in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention since 1995. Going beyond the contents of the printed version, “spectra online” will shed light on background developments and report on current affairs. 

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The printed version is published four times a year in German, French and English. The topic of the current issue (spectra 124): Healthy ageing. spectra online interviewed a number of elderly people on this subject. Read their interviews here.



Healthy ageing in Switzerland

Demographic change is presenting some major challenges. The task of preserving health and quality of life in the elderly is the main focus of the FOPH’s efforts. It is guided by the “Healthy Ageing” strategy published by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is important to take a differentiated view of old age and ageing at all times. more


At first Hand

Bringing health-care into line with the needs of the elderly. Most elderly people’s health is impaired in some way. The important thing is to maintain these people’s quality of life for as long as possible despite their illness and to identify and strengthen their resources. This is the basis of the “healthy ageing” approach. more


Research into healthy ageing

The Do-Health study is looking at ways of improving the chances of ageing in good health. The largest-ever European study of health in old age is nearing completion. The initial results show the following: half of the participating senior citizens from Switzerland belong to the category of “healthy agers”, meaning that they have no chronic diseases and are in good physical and mental health. more

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