Campaigns and recommendations

The FOPH conducts information campaigns aimed at raising awareness of issues, for instance communicable diseases, smoking and alcohol consumption, handling of chemical products in everyday life, measles vaccination or organ donation, among people living in Switzerland.


At first hand

Editorial Martin Werner. The following statement concerning sexual health has caused a particular stir in parts of Switzerland in the last few months: «In cooperation with the cantons, the aim is to integrate age-appropriate sexual health education into the curriculum of compulsory and post-compulsory schooling as part of health promotion.« This sentence occurs in the National Programme on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (NPHS) 2011–2017, which the Swiss Government published a year ago. Since then, certain Swiss media have attacked the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) with such headlines as «porn for pre-school kids». more


An eventful year for tobacco prevention

2010 Annual Report on the National Tobacco Programme 2008–2012 (NPT 2008–2012). 2010 was an eventful year for tobacco prevention in Switzerland. The most significant milestone was the Federal Law on protection against passive smoking that came into force on 1 May. A large number of other measures were implemented at various levels. Below is a review of the most important developments. more


«Interests and good hobbies are the best prevention»

Interview with Emil and Niccel Steinberger. Does humour keep you healthy? What role do art and laughter play in health? spectra asked two people who ought to know: Emil and Niccel Steinberger. Both earn a living making people laugh. The great comedian Emil does it with his unforgettable stage shows and books, and Niccel as an author and presenter of laughter seminars. more


The dialogue on the subject of alcohol continues

Swiss Alcohol Action Week. The first Swiss Alcohol Action Week ended on 29 May 2011 after around 10 days packed with wide-ranging activities. more


«Checkpoints» to become gay health centres

Queer health. Not only is HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) prevalence higher in average among gay men than in the general population, but their general health is much poorer too. To counterbalance this trend, five health centres designed to respond specifically to gay men’s needs are to be set up in Switzerland. more


Men play sport and women cook

Gender differences and health. Men do more sport and feel mentally healthier than women. But they display shortcomings in their eating habits and suffer more often from diet-related illnesses. These conclusions are based on current data obtained from the diet and physical activity monitoring system MOSEB. more


Alcohol Dialogue Week: new range of activities up for discussion

Alcohol campaign. A nationwide dialogue week on the subject of alcohol is to take place from 21 to 29 May 2011. During this period, between 200 and 300 different activities will be staged in regions, cities, villages and neighbourhoods. more


Creating a level playing field for all children and adolescents

Early identification and early intervention in schools and municipalities. The majority of children and adolescents in Switzerland are healthy and cope well with the challenges facing them. But about 10 to 20% of all young people are at risk of developing difficulties of a health-related or social nature (e.g. addiction, violence, social marginalisation or emotional pressures). Municipalities and schools are well advised to consider their approach to such problems at an early stage so as to have the necessary structures and procedures in place before any actual cases become too serious for the pupils or schools to handle. more


If something itches or stings, go and see a doctor

LOVE LIFE campaign. The LOVE LIFE campaign went public in a new and different form in March 2011. Its focus is on sexually trans­mitted infections (STIs), which are now included in HIV prevention activities. “If something itches or stings, go and see a doctor.” This main message is communicated both clearly and humorously in TV spots, on posters and on web pages. more


Swisscom: successful «smoke-free company»

Tobacco control. As part of the «Smoke-free companies» campaign, the Lung League advises Swisscom on smoking regulations and offers training on quitting smoking to employees throughout Switzerland. more